Domed Domeciles

Dome-inspired dwellings, whether geodesic or monolithic, never fail to captivate the imaginations of architecture junkies. Admired for the efficiency of their design–massive structures can be erected with minimal amounts of material–and despised for it as well, critics accurately pointing out that such rounded structures also leads to much wasted space (rounded furniture is hard to come by, among other things), dome homes are very much a love-hate type of design. They can be brilliantly original and refreshing or turn out as nothing more than porous bomb shelters. The examples we’ve featured here are of the first variety.

monolithic dome{Source: hamilmarker}

earth-sheltered dome{Source: Robot Ranch}

sweet dome alabama{Source: Sweet Dome Alabama}

geodesic dome florida{Source: Hawk 1966}

geodesic-dome-at-mount-nelson{Source: Bruny Firepower}

geodesic dome tacoma washington{Source: Gexydaf}

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